Highway Maintenance Project Engineer

Job Details

Wakefield Council are looking for a Highway Maintenance Project Engineer to design new highway construction schemes within the Traffic, Engineering and Design team.

  • Responsible for project management for the delivery of major  projects and schemes
  • To facilitate the legal agreement, design reviews and checks and monitoring of S278 schemes.
  • Providing advice to Councillors, committees, public inquiries, other services, private developers and the public on highway design, construction and traffic management.
  • To contribute to the overall strategic aims of the Planning, Transportation and Highways service area.
  • To take responsibility for specific projects or ongoing areas of work within the Engineering Design Team.
  • To ensure the sound use of resources in accordance with Council policy.
  • Assist in meeting service financial targets.
  • To ensure good communication between Members, community representatives, members of the public and other departments, to ensure the highest standards of service are met, complaints investigated, and the image of the Council promoted and enhanced.
  • To establish and maintain effective working relationships between management, other teams and departments, employees and trade unions.
  • To ensure all policies, practices, legislation and codes of conduct are adhered to.
  • To ensure that auditable systems and procedures are in place and that probity is maintained.
  • To ensure that the Councils Health & Safety Policies are fully adhered to within the team by developing and implementing Departmental Health & Safety Policies.
  • To identify the professional and personal training needs of staff and seek ways of meeting these both within and externally to the team.
  • At the discretion of the Head of Service (or nominated officer), such other activities as may from time to time be agreed consistent with the nature of the job described above.

Payrate:£50.00 perm hour max!