Housing Enforcement Officer

Job Details

West Northamptonshire Council are looking for an Housing Enforcement Officer to Undertake a range of activities including property inspections, HHSRS assessments, the drafting
of schedules of work and the preparation and serving of notices, interviewing people under
caution, executing warrants of entry and carrying out works in default and prepare cases for
prosecution or the imposition of civil penalties to ensure the maintenance and improvement of
standards across the Private Rented sector.


  1. Work collaboratively with the owners and managers of licensable HMOs to ensure that their
    properties are licensed, well managed, maintained in a good condition, meet the amenity
    standards and comply with the HMO Management Regulations.
    3. Respond promptly, within agreed timescales, to complaints about serious disrepair and housingrelated nuisance in the private sector and, through investigation, evaluate risks and hazards and
    determine the nature, cause, urgency and remedy of the problems.
    4. Develop and maintain close working relations with a wide range of other services and
    organisations in order to facilitate the flow of information, encourage joint working and cooperation, achieve the prompt resolution of complex problems and ensure that, even when an
    input is required from a number of teams, service delivery is always well co-ordinated and the
    service user is kept fully informed of developments.
    5. Work collaboratively and proactively with colleagues across the Team, and the wider Council
    ensuring delivery of coordinated services to tackle harassment and unlawful eviction, preventing
    homelessness, and ensuring that Council managed accommodation is compliant with Housing
    6. Work proactively with Planning, Revenues & Benefits, Housing Options & Advice, the Anti Social
    Behaviour Team, Trading Standards, the Police, Immigration, the Northamptonshire Fire &
    Rescue Service and other services to identify and target those HMOs that should be licenced but
    are not, and those non-licensable HMOs that need an urgent inspection because it is suspected
    that they are severely overcrowded, in a very poor state of repair and/or pose a very high risk to
    the occupants and their visitors.
    7. Maintain professional competence and keep abreast of developments in relation to private sector
    housing enforcement (including the introduction of civil penalties and rent repayment orders) and
    the relevant legislation through research and reading, attendance of courses and briefings, and
    the use of established networks.
    8. Contribute to the development, implementation and co-ordination of new working practices and
    initiatives that tackle overcrowding, reduce the number of licensable HMOs operating without a
    licence and improve private sector housing conditions.
    9. To maximise personal productivity, minimise duplication and errors; and manage our
    information efficiently.


pay rate: £35.00 umbrella