Housing officer

Job Details

  1. Register and assess housing applicants on the Housing Registrations database, to make a final decision on their eligibility to join or remain on the Housing List in accordance with Council policy, procedures and housing legislation.
  2. Provided detailed advice to service users and external agencies regarding priority for housing as outlined in the Council’s allocations scheme and relevant to their circumstances.
  3. Provide information and support, including training to internal departments on the Council’s housing registration policies and procedures.
  4. Assist in the development of fraud prevention measures. Make referrals to relevant departments other Local Authority, Housing Associations and agencies.
  5. Maintain systems to record and amend housing applications, including identifying errors, to store and retrieve such information from the computer systems. Produce statistical data to assist in the monitoring of performance and contribute to service improvements.
  6. Develop and update the applications functions of the Housing Applications database.
  7. To deal With enquiries and complaints form the public, other departments, division and other local authorities/agencies including senior management and assisting in the provision of information for elected representatives, and provides response to freedom of information request.

Pay: £22:28 Umbrella