Housing Revenue Officer

Job Details

Redditch council are looking for an Housing revenues officer to Be dedicated; persistent and tenacious, but considerate in approach, using a full range of office and field-based contact, support and enforcement techniques that are continuously reviewed, balanced, and directed by the Housing Revenue Manager.


• Support the Housing Revenue Manager and leadership in delivering the vision, strategies and initiatives for the Housing Revenue and the wider Housing Service of which you are an integral part.
• Deliver superior quality, preventative Housing Revenue and Welfare Advice Services that are customer centric and have high regard for equality, diversity, understanding and respect for people and their circumstances.
• Ensure that your work on all Housing Revenue Streams, including rental income, garage income, service charging, leaseholder charges, recharges, costs, and former tenant arrears achieves:
a) prevention and reduction of all debt
b) Maximised collection rates
c) Mitigates the impact of welfare reforms and sustains tenancies by making the
threat of legal action and homelessness the very last but effective resort.

• Thoroughly and accurately record every action and activity that supports, controls, monitors, and progresses all cases where tenants fail to pay Housing Costs to the Council and ensure all the requirements of the Pre-Court Protocol are at least met or even exceeded.
• Through active and tenacious engagement of service users, achieve an early, thorough, and dynamic understanding of the customers financial and social position and, through using your extensive specialist knowledge and expertise of the welfare benefit system particularly in connection with Universal Credit, provide comprehensive advice and support that ultimately secures regular and consistent payment of housing costs into the HRA and achieves points “a” to “c” above.
• Communicate and collaborate with key stakeholders including Revenue & Benefits Team, Department for Work & Pensions (DWP), Home Finance Officers and all other statutory and support agencies timely and as appropriate to ensure tenants income from benefits is maximised, Housing Benefit overpayments are minimised and DHP and Universal Credit Alternative Payment Arrangements (APA’s) and Arrears Direct are fully exploited where applicable

This role is hybrid (3 days in the office)

Payrate: £28.00 umbrella an hour