Housing Solutions Officer

Job Details

The Housing Solutions Team will provide housing advice, homelessness casework and support households in temporary accommodation to rapidly move-on into PRS or other housing. The Housing Solutions Team will also work in partnership to proactively address tenancy issues, such as under/over/non occupation, rent arrears, ASB, hoarding, disrepair, etc and ensure that applicants comply with their agreement The Housing Solutions Team will also manage the day-to-day relationship with temporary accommodation suppliers and contribute to the management of leases and contracts; ensuring that suppliers comply with the terms of the lease and that LBE is compliant with the agreement.

Responsibilities include:

  • Issuing/completing PHP, End of Duty letters and issuing non-cooperation letters
  • Preventing Homelessness by mediating with hosts ( family & friends) and liaising with landlords to stop evictions
  • Provide appropriate basic advice and assistance on all matters of housing entitlement, eligibility and priority need for social housing
  • Ensure wherever possible by intervention, referral, advice, advocacy and joint working that homelessness is prevented by ensuring the broadest range of housing options is available to customers
  • Enable mediation between landlords and tenants, parents relatives and family relationship breakdowns in order to prevent homelessness.
  • To interview and carry out an initial assessment of all customers visiting the Housing Aid Centre
  • Give guidance regarding welfare benefits and income maximisation
  • Interview and visit applicants carry out inquiries within target timescales at alternative locations where necessary. Ensuring that supporting information and evidence is available to substantiate the decision in each case
  • To take responsibility for promoting and safeguarding the welfare of children and young persons/ vulnerable adults who you come into contact with
  • Provide advice and assess customers suitability for Home Shelter Scheme and make appropriate referrals to relevant agencies including MARAC, Police, Social Services and Area Housing Office

Umbrella hourly rate: £27.90