Housing Supply Officer

Job Details

Enfield council are looking for an housing supply officer to ensure the supply of TA and PRS housing meets demand and standards. The Housing Supply Team will acquire new TA and PRS housing in line policies and procedures. The Housing Supply Team will also work with suppliers to convert existing leases onto new leasing schemes and ensure the timely and effective hand backs of all types of temporary and privately rented accommodation.


• Work with the market to improve the supply of TA and PRS Housing to fulfil the LA homelessness duties

• Increase the number of households exiting emergency and temporary accommodation, by efficiently securing PRS for residents in need.

• Procuring Private Rented Sector properties on commercially sustainable terms for use by Enfield households and manage relationships with landlords on behalf of Enfield Let (Housing Gateway) and the Council

• Procure Private Leased Annexes (PLA) and Private Sector Leased (PSL) properties suitable for use on a temporary basis by households while more sustainable housing solutions are secured

• To provide advice and guidance to landlords with the purpose of gaining trust in the PRS market and develop relationships with those landlords therefore increasing supply of accommodation for use.

• To record and monitor service delivery issues and complaints as they arise to implement correct processes to address and remedy issues, as appropriate.


Payrate: £29.99 umbrella