Mobile Estates Operative

Job Details

  • To be a member of the Mobile Services Team operating across all areas of the borough. To carry out both intensive and general cleansing of communal internal and external estate areas, including graffiti removal, using, when required, specialist equipment such as pressure washers, steam cleaners, extension poles, etc.
  • To collect and transport belongings, goods, refuse and other items, from offices, stores, sheds, garages, voids, and residential properties for storage, use or disposal

Main responsibilities:

  1. To carry out caretaking and cleaning duties according to a weekly schedule and as instructed by the Estate Services Team Leader.
  2. Remove or obliterate graffiti including external surfaces. Priority being given to racist, sexist, hate graffiti, and reporting where graffiti cannot be removed.
  3. Responsible for keeping walls, doors, stairs, landings, corridors and walkaways clean and to a good standard.
  4. Responsible for inspecting the blocks, carrying out minor repairs, cleaning refuse chambers and bulk stores and immediately removing hazardous waste from internal and external areas, using safety barriers where required.
  5. Responsible for salting/gritting entrances and paths in icy weather.
  6. Provide additional cleaning to washrooms, common rooms, kitchen areas, offices and toilets in Supported Housing Schemes, as well as testing pull cord systems.
  7. Responsible for identifying and reporting non-attendance and poor performance of grounds maintenance, waste removal contractors, details of vandalism, Anti-Social Behaviour, misuse of facilities including parking, abandoned vehicles, communal repairs and tenancy breaches.

payrate: £15.93 umbrella