Payroll manager

Job Details

  • Responsible for checking and validating the accuracy and completion of each months pay run, signing
    off the gross to net payroll, all submissions to statutory bodies, end of year runs including P11D’s,
    downloads from HMRC, costings load into General ledger, payslip and P60 printing and distribution.
  • Responsible for verifying that the monthly and pension auto enrolment routine has accurately run and
    that the appropriate deductions are made.
  • Ensure maintenance of appropriate payroll records within the team. Liaise with HMRC and
    Contributions Agency as necessary, in relation to particular cases.
  • Ensure compliance with yearly audit requirements and implement timely actions.
  • Work collaboratively with the HR system lead and drive through improvement and online applications.
  • Keep up to date with HMRC legislation and ensure compliance and ensure all HMRC payments are
    made on time.
  • interventions including Auto Enrolment Pension rules and compliance.
  • Ensure all pensions payments are made to the various pension schemes/funds.
  • Have a disciplined approach to development and implementation of standardised processes and
    procedures to drive results.
  • Manage and motivate the payroll team effectively ensuring staff are clear on their roles and their
    contribution to the performance of the payroll team and HROD. Through regular one to one’s team
    briefings, PDP’ etc.
  • Drive towards a modern and efficient, professional payroll service with a strong customer focus.
  • Contribute to and support the scoping and planning of payroll activities associated with any
    organisational or service change projects.
  • Develop and demonstrate a proactive approach to customer service issues whilst seeking innovative
    solutions to resolve them.
  • To ensure that payroll is delivered within the agreed timescales and tolerances, and that payroll
    controls and third party payments are reconciled on a monthly basis and in line with statutory and
    regulatory requirements.
  • Ensure the team has access to current guidance material, understand it and are able to clearly
    communicate the payroll impacts of relevant HR policies and procedures to service users.
  • Plan, co-ordinate and implement all events and activities within the payroll calendar with particular
    emphasis on ensuring that all payroll end of year requirements are delivered accurately and in line with
    statutory requirements.
  • Work in partnership with the HR systems lead to ensure effective system solutions and ongoing
    development is in place.
  • Actively provide feedback on processes within HROD and service users and utilise communications and
    engagement tools available e.g. manager & staff awareness training, FAQs and intranet content.
  • As part of the Senior HR Operations team actively lead a culture of continuous improvement across HR
    Operations, seeking to improve services, performance, data and stakeholder feedback.
  • Maintain an up to date knowledge of payroll methodologies and regulatory framework and drive
    changes in the service to adapt to required changes.
  • Ensure processes and procedures are undertaken with due regard to audit standards. To liaise with
    external and internal audit agencies as appropriate.
  • Ensure adequate controls are in place and continually monitor and review e.g. information security,
    business compliance, and management of risk.
  • To keep abreast of law changes, tax directives and other information pertaining to Payroll by
    undertaking research and gathering information through appropriate channels such as payroll
    institutions, regulatory bodies, Local Government and HRIS provider forums.