Programme Director

Job Details

Job Profile

Wakefield Council is seeking someone with extensive, Director level experience of working within a fast-paced local government context to deliver a ground-breaking Strategic Regeneration Partnership (SRP) across its City Centre.

This SRP will mean securing a long term partnership with a developer and institutional funder that accelerates the pace of regeneration within the City Centre and results in a significantly greater return on investment than if the Council was to act alone. Critically, the approach taken by the SRP will need to be strategically led and informed by a series of Strategic Regeneration Frameworks that direct future development within the core areas of the existing Wakefield City Centre Masterplan.

Key Role 

  • Establishment of rigorous programme management arrangements and associated documentation.
  • Ongoing programme management which links seamlessly to the Council’s existing arrangements such as the Wakefield District Regeneration Board, Capital Officer Group and Member Oversight Board
  • Regular written and verbal reports to the Council’s Corporate Management Team and Cabinet at key milestones/ gateways throughout the programme.
  • Procurement of a developer partner within 6 months of the appointment to the role.
  • Finalisation of Strategic Regeneration Frameworks, for all of the core areas within the Wakefield City Centre Masterplan, within 12 months of the appointment to the role, to drive an ambitious programme of mixed use-development.
  • Influential role in land/ site identification and assembly to ensure the SRP has a long-term, financially viable pipeline of developments that support the vision within the Wakefield City Centre Masterplan.
  • Proactive and ongoing stakeholder management of both internal and external partners across the public and private sectors and delivery of associated communications plan.
  • Expert approach to risk management which minimises and avoids risk wherever possible and effectively mitigates risk where it isn’t.
  • Diligent financial management which maximises the impact and probity of all Council spend.
  • Provision of expert advice and support on other regeneration programmes and initiatives across the District as required.

Working Arrangements

Working Arrangements:

  • Post-holder will report directly to the Corporate Director for Regeneration and Economic Growth.
  • The Programme Director will not have any line management responsibilities or a programme team but will have access to relevant resource and capacity across the organisation as required.
  • A presence within the Wakefield One Council Offices in Wakefield City Centre will be expected 2 days a week and the post-holder will be expected to fulfil their duties on a full-time basis 3-4 days a week.
  • Daily umbrella rate = £750-£900
  • 12 month role to start as soon as possible