Project Manager

Job Details

Partners across the Southwark health and care system have recognised the need to integrate services and establish a different way of working within and across communities (‘neighbourhoods’) that will improve outcomes for our local population.

The COVID-19 pandemic has further exposed the health, social and economic inequalities that exist within the borough – often between communities that are only a few miles apart.

We know that to tackle these inequalities we need to target those populations where there is greatest inequality in experience and outcomes and explore new ways of working across partner organisations.

As a partnership, we have committed to delivering on four population-based programmes – start well (children and young people), live well (working age adults), age well (frail and older people), and care well (care and residential settings). Within each of these programmes we are seeking to deliver value-based health and care by:

  • Improving population health outcomes and reducing inequalities
  • Enhancing people’s experience of care services and reducing unwarranted variation
  • Securing a financially sustainable health and care economy
  • Enabling compassionate care and supporting the health and wellbeing of our staff.

Key to this is the development of neighbourhoods, which will connect people to services and support as close to their home as possible, and make best use of the skills, resources, and energy in local communities.

Neighbourhoods will bring together primary care, community physical and mental health, social care, and wider council services (e.g., housing, leisure, and education) and voluntary and community partners – building strong relationships, integrated teams and resilient communities that improve people’s health, social wellbeing, and lives.

Primary Care Networks will be the foundation of our neighbourhood model, and we will build on the Southwark Council’s approach to empower local communities and neighbourhoods.


About the Role

 This role is a key part of the Programme Team to drive transformational change for service delivery in Southwark so that we better join up care and support, improve people’s health and wellbeing and close the inequalities gap.

The postholder will play a key role in building working relationships and collaboration between Partnership Southwark partners and wider stakeholders within the local system and communities.



  • Enable the development of integrated approaches across health, care, and wider partners by facilitating and promoting innovation and transformation to improve outcomes. Working with key stakeholders and clinical and professional leads to identify and respond to the needs and priorities for populations through quantitative and qualitative intelligence.
  • Provide support to the Partnership Southwark programme managers in the day-to-day project management support to our population based workstreams and key programme enables.
  • Work collaboratively with project and programme managers across partner organisations within Partnership Southwark to encourage and develop the sharing of good practice and interdependencies between the Partnership Southwark workstreams which are identified and planned for.
  • Lead on specific projects around service development or transformation within the wider Partnership Southwark programme to support the delivery of key outcomes.
  • Create a stronger emphasis on the golden threads within Partnership Southwark’s recovery plan in our delivery programme; including tackling inequalities and securing good outcomes, workforce, prevention, joined up care, working with the community, sharing resources, data driven, neighbourhood focussed,
  • Build and strengthen working relationships with key stakeholders, spanning beyond the core partners that make up Partnership Southwark and into our local communities.
  • Provide expertise and leadership in translating strategy and policy, good practice from across the UK and globally and lessons learned from work done to date to develop, transform and improve local services and support for residents of Southwark.
  • Ensuring appropriate involvement and engagement of service users, carers and their families and frontline staff in the development and delivery of service redesign.
  • Role modelling the collaborative leadership behaviours and the working principles as set out in the Partnership Southwark memorandum of understanding.


Communications, Engagement & Relationships

  • The postholder will be expected to foster a strong working relationship with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders, cultivating a supportive and safe environment in which strengths can be shared, challenges made and the impact of decisions on the whole system reviewed and understood.
  • The post holder will be required to use highly developed communication skills to provide and receive highly complex, sensitive, and often contentious information and data to various stakeholder and internal audiences. This will include drafting and presenting briefing papers and presentations for both internal and external use.
  • Use well developed and adaptive communication and influencing skills to engage a wide range of stakeholders.
  • Provide regular written and verbal briefings and communication to various forums both within programme governance and within partner/stakeholder organisations. Including, contributing to the Partnership Southwark newsletter, lunch and learn sessions and other communication outputs.
  • Develop and maintain mechanisms to facilitate the involvement of people with lived experience and their carers/families in the development and continuous improvement of services.
  • Maintaining good links with voluntary sector and other non-statutory partners (e.g., education, care home sector) as relevant to the scope of Partnership Southwark workstreams and project.
  • Use experience-based co-production approaches to ensure the voice and experience of Southwark people is at the heart of what we do.
  • Utilise negotiation skills to improve and develop the integrated approach and cross-boundary working for the benefit of the population of Southwark.
  • Provide expertise in the continued development of relationships across the system, acting as an ambassador for Partnership Southwark.


Staff Management and leadership

  • The postholder may have line management responsibility for project support staff within the programme team.
  • The postholder will have leadership responsibilities aligned to the programme including team training and development to deliver our objectives and outcomes.
  • The postholder will be expected to have the skills and experience to recruit, performance manage and allocate work to members of staff as appropriate.
  • The postholder will be expected to have a good understanding of system leadership and collaborative leadership behaviours.


Policy and Service Development

  • The postholder will be expected to work interpret and then locally implement national policy for Health and Care.
  • This role is responsible for supporting rigorous and robust transformation and improvement programmes; strategy, programme management including planning, reporting, managing risk, and a strong focus on quality improvement and benefits realisation.
  • The postholder will be expected to undertake regular horizon scanning of evidence based good practice and locally adapt where appropriate into delivery plans/practice.


Analytical and Judgement Skills

  • The postholder will be expected to work in a highly complex environment and consider, analyse, interpret, compare a range of data and information to form options and outcomes for consideration.
  • The postholder will be expected to interrogate information and data to inform and develop cases for change and business cases.
  • The postholder will be expected to use data and information to inform highly complex programme and project issues and use local, regional, and national guidance and policy and local intelligence to support decision making.
  • The postholder will be expected to undertake audits and evaluations as required and to embed a test and learn approach in the deployment of projects.


Planning and Organisational Skills

  • The postholder will be expected to utilise planning skills to develop and inform the strategic planning of the programme.
  • The postholder will be expected to have expertise and experience of managing, planning and delivery of a range of projects through a project management approach.
  • The postholder will be expected to plan for and deliver on key milestones and actions in a calm, professional and logical way. This would include contingencies and alternative actions required if milestones are not achieved, identifying interdependencies across projects/functions, risks and mitigation strategies, potential impacts on wider partnership, mapping resource requirements and escalations as appropriate.

Payrate is £34.96 per hour Umbrella