Proporty & Place Manager

Job Details

  1. To have responsibility for the Property & Place Service – including Property Procurement, Temporary Accommodation, TA Allocations, and the Refugee Resettlement Programme.
  2. To work with the Head of Allocations & Lettings to ensure a housing procurement strategy is in place which meets the Council’s demands for accommodation, ensuring accommodation is procured in a legal, ethical, and accountable manner in line with all current legislation, health and safety laws and regulations.
  3. To provide direction and management to the Temporary Accommodation Management, Allocations and Property Procurement Teams, responding to supply and demand requirements and briefing the Head of Allocations & Lettings on policies and trends impacting on supply, contributing to policy changes as required.
  4. To be responsible for budget management for the Property & Place Service area forecasting and monitoring budgetary projections to deliver the service within budget and produce periodic budget monitoring information.
  5. To lead on new projects and initiatives as required to ensure service delivery and development.
  6. To deputise for the Head of Allocation & Lettings & other Managers in the Housing Solutions service area.
  7. Be responsible in line with Corporate and Departmental procedures for the direct line management of staff including:
  8. Lead on recruitment, induction, and work allocation to ensure adequate levels of service and support etc. are maintained always. The facilitating and evaluation of training and development needs and the operation of the council’s grievance, disciplinary, appraisal, performance and sickness absence and other procedures.
  9. Have responsibility for the development of the Council’s Housing Procurement Strategy and related policies, through close monitoring of performance against targets. Providing the Head of Allocations & Lettings with performance reports and analysis of trends to inform continued procurement.
  10. Have overall management responsibility for the Temporary Accommodation, Allocations and Property Procurement Teams to ensure suitable supply and the fair and efficient allocation of temporary accommodation in line with the council’s placement policy and statutory powers and duties.

Payrate: £42.00 umbrella