Recruitment Assistant

Job Details

Lambeth Council is looking for an active and efficient member for their Recruitment team.

Responsibilities are as follows:

Creating/send conditional offers, collecting pre-employment checks, creating/sending out final contracts. The will also be providing updates to candidates and hiring managers on the candidates progression.

• Must have the ability to plan their day, look after multiple tasks and prioritise effectively to make sure pre employment process is completed in a timely manner.

• Must have the ability to communicate professionally and clearly with candidates and hiring managers and via differing communication channels (e.g. via email, phone and face to face).

• Must have the ability to double check their work to make sure offer letters, final contracts, and other pre-employment documentation are accurate.

• Must be able to providing a positive service/experience to our candidates and hiring managers. Ideally we want someone who is keen, proactive, positive and takes responsibility for their own workloads.

• Must have the ability to be able to look after and store sensitive information from candidates etc.

• Able to use key programmes such as word, excel, spreadsheets, and email etc. We can train up on specific Lambeth systems like Oracle etc.

• Would be helpful if they have worked in a recruitment environment and have an understanding of tasks such as collecting pre-employment checks etc.

Umbrella hourly rate –