Representations Officer

Job Details

Southwark council are looking for someone to deliver a timely and effective service for the Parking and Network Management team and the wider council. The post holder will be expected to produce work to a consistently high standard and to use their experience, knowledge and aptitude to the weight up the evidence in each case, whether is a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), parking permit or parking control suspension and make balanced judgements. Parking and traffic enforcement is crucial to the delivery of three of the councils plans, Climate Change, Air quality and Streets for people.

  1. To investigate and respond to all parking related correspondence, including formal and informal representations and appeals received as a result of enforcement of PCN issued to motorists. This includes the external Environment and Traffic Adjudicators who sit at London Tribunals and make the final decision on any parking or traffic penalty in an adjudication hearing which evidence is presented by the officers to trained solicitors or barristers who are the adjudicators.


  1. To ensure other parking enquiries are dealt with, in line with the statutory process and timescales, internal key performance indicators (KPIs), civil procedural rules (CPR 75) and the council’s communication procedures to deliver a high standard of customer services to the residents and visitors of Southwark.


  1. To attend external Adjudication Hearings and give evidence and prepare proofs of evidence as required preparing and determining a plan for any complex cases highlighted in accordance with the legislation.


  1. To ensure that all incoming parking permit applications and parking control suspension applications are dealt with (including requests for further information) in line with the set time limits given by the appeals and representations managers.


  1. To answer phone calls in the specialist parking customer service centre, dealing with incoming emails, parking permits, parking control suspensions and Paybyphone services, resolving residents and visitors requests and issues in a timely and clear manner.


  1. To accelerate and identify any themes and trends arising from representations, complaints and concerns to their line manager reporting and sharing case issues.

Payrate: £24.54 umbrella