Reviewing Officer

Job Details

Hackney council are resourcing a role out for a reviewing officer they will be responsible for carrying out strengths based reviews and reassessments regarding people with long term conditions in accordance with the principles of the Care Act and under the guidance and supervision of the Senior Practitioner. They will visit people in their own homes and also within care home settings to meet with the service users their families and carers to discuss the support plan, which will entail lone working. They will draw up an appropriate, budgeted outcome based support plan using the Resource Allocation System and will monitor established plans and residential nursing home placements, ensuring they the support is effective at maximising the person’s independence.


  1. To manage a caseload of service users and carers with long term conditions and complete assessments of the social and functional abilities of existing service users and, where appropriate, co-ordination of multi-disciplinary assessments.
  2. To apply the principles of personalisation by working with clients using person-centred and strengths based approaches to facilitate their involvement and choice, and actively seeking ways to maximise their independence and promote their wellbeing.
  3. To proactively promote activities, resources and universal services including Telecare where appropriate to improve health and wellbeing as part of the re-assessment and review of support plans and follow up to ensure that the information provided was satisfactory.
  4. To work closely with key in house stakeholders; financial affairs, care charges, QA , brokerage and commissioning teams as well as other teams within adult social care and health and mental health colleagues to ensure positive outcomes are met .
  5. To facilitate support planning by providing service users with the fullest possible information about the range of support options available, about the likely cost of services and advice on welfare entitlements and how to maximise income.
  6. To be able to develop a support plan and budget using the Resource Allocation System, and recording any unmet needs.
  7. To be aware of the financial implications of providing services. To be able to calculate support plan costs. To complete, in discussion with the service user, carer family or their representative, any necessary financial assessments in accordance with Council’s charging policy.
  8. Give appropriate advice on welfare benefit entitlements and maximisation of income, referring on for more specialist advice, as necessary.
  9. In making arrangements for the provision of care ensure that appropriate resources are secured from agreed providers, approved by the Council or PCT and non statutory organisations and informal support networks are utilised.
  10. Provide information about Direct Payments thus empowering service users to consider making their own arrangements for care.
  11. Undertake assessment for specialist equipment and minor adaptations as required and ordering same through appropriate means. Have a sound knowledge of equipment, including any known contra indications and ensure, by demonstration, that service users, and their carers, are provided with the information necessary to use equipment supplied safely and appropriately

Payrate: £27.12 umbrella