Reviews Officer

Job Details

Redbridge Council is looking for an experienced Housing Review Officer to fulfill the following duties:

• To carry out high quality, timely reviews of homelessness decisions (negative homeless decisions, suitability, discharge of duty) under section 202 of the Housing Act 1996; , reviews functions under the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017; part VI reviews of Housing register assessment’s and housing offers through choice based lettings
• Manage cases that go to section 204 appeal in the County Court and to further appeal in the higher courts; judicial reviews and other housing court challenges
• To reduce the need for provision of temporary accommodation and resulting expenditure by ensuring effective and timely reviews but also offering good quality options, prevention and relief advice as part of reviews casework
• To take responsibility for the recording of high quality, key data on all types of reviews which support the submission to the Department for Communities and Local Government ensuring key trends on homelessness, the causes and solutions is available. Also ensuring information on homelessness and allocations as it relates to reviews is available for analysis locally to support the management of demand and response to trends
• This is a specialist role that will be at the forefront of the new reviews functions following the introduction of the Homelessness Act 2017.

Umbrella hourly rate: £25.23