Seasonal Gardener/Driver

Job Details

Havering Council are looking for a gardener to join their team. This will include all general duties like grounds maintenance, leaf clearance, general cleaning, litter picking, tree work etc. Look for someone who has worked with power tools before and has a driving license.

Other responsibilities might include:
• Leaf clearance, weed and detritus removal
• Removal of graffiti and fly posting
• Clearance of fly tipping, including items which may be bulky and are heavy and/or awkward to lift.
• Emptying of litter/dog bins
• Safe collection and disposal of hazardous waste such as needles or other sharp items
• Grass cutting using a variety of hand held and pedestrian equipment
• Hedge trimming and winter maintenance pruning
• Ground based tree works
• Path edging
• Toilet, changing room and pavilion cleaning
• Cleaning and inspection of water features
• Inspection, cleansing and replacement of play sand, bark or other approved play area material
• Planting and maintenance of seasonal floral displays
• Cultivation, preparation, planting and maintenance of standard trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants
• To undertake works to clear and prepare allotment plots as directed

Umbrella rate – £16.17