Senior Assessment Officer

Job Details

  • To assist the Assessment Manager in anticipating and influencing the future direction of the service and both the strategic and operational planning of the  Assessment Centre, to ensure that it is prepared to take advantage of opportunities, is prepared for change and clearly demonstrates continuous improvement whilst making efficiency savings.
  • To ensure benefits are administered effectively through sound processes of initiation, assessment and decision making, payment and accounting and arrangements for dealing with changes and repeat claims. To undertake quality initiatives in line with good practice and statutory requirements. Identify  training needs and plan training initiatives across the service and with the adult social care and customer service teams, so that professional, legislative and performance standards are consistently achieved
  • To ensure the effective administration of assessment, billing and collection of income from Social Care clients, ensuring consistent application of the charging policies/legislation and maximising income generated. Maintaining effective administration of payment of invoices to external care providers to ensure contract conditions and financial regulations are met
  • To assist the Assessment Centre Manager in determining priorities, monitor and co-ordinate workloads, quality initiatives and performance levels.  To achieve top quartile performance in all aspects of the Assessment Centre and to contribute to the achievement of wider council objectives by liaising and coordinating the work of the Assessment Centre with other Council Departments (e.g. Strategic Housing) and external organisations in the interests of promoting an efficient, effective and comprehensive service to the stakeholders and residents of the Authority.
  • To assist in the provision of a high level of technical and statistical information and policy advice to the Senior Manager and relevant senior officers in relation to Benefits and Social Care charging related legislation, policy decisions, budgetary decisions, payment administration and planning.
  • To assist in developing, documenting, monitoring and maintaining appropriate partnerships, policies, procedures and IT Systems to ensure the delivery of a high quality, secure and customer focused Assessment Centre. To review and amend in line with best practice, the availability of new technology and feedback from internal and external customers and clients. To ensure that the payment, accounting for, and regular reconciliation with other Council systems is properly carried out to high standards of financial management and that the integrity of IT systems is maintained through regular checks and balances
  • To assist in ensuring the accurate and timely preparation of year end control accounts/reconciliations, Subsidy and other statutory claims/returns. This includes liaising directly with internal/external auditors to ensure prompt and efficient certification of claims/returns and validation of procedures, control accounts and reconciliations. Ensure that all agreed recommendations are acted on. Forecast, monitor and account for all expenditure and ensure that maximum government subsidy is received in respect of benefit expenditure

    Payrate: £25.29 umbrella