Senior Finance Analyst

Job Details

  1. Responsible for providing specialist and senior financial and accounting support to a substantial area of the council’s business, typically a major part of the budget for an overall department or a substantial defined technical area of the corporate accounting and control arrangements.
  2. Support all officers within their service area, providing them with high level professional advice on a very broad range of financial issues and their relation to the council’s corporate and managerial objectives.
  3. To provide significant and senior input to corporate financial processes such as co-ordinating major elements of the annual accounts or budgeting processes.
  4. To advise on and maintain appropriate financial controls and to challenge senior managers as necessary in this regard.
  5. To be an appropriate professional role model to junior staff in the department and to foster and champion professional development.
  6. Make a positive contribution to the delivery of the service, this will include working flexibly and positively to achieve the objectives of the council.
  7. Manage and lead staff to achieve high performance and effective operational delivery, including developing and improving staff capability.
  8. Manage a customer focused service and the effective use of resources.
  9. Ensure that the council’s overall vision, values and ethos are central to the requirements of the service.
  10. Support effective working relationships and act as an ambassador and advocate with external organisations
  11. Keep up to date with developments in service delivery and best practice to ensure the service performs effectively and to the highest standards.
  12. across the council, keeping expert professional knowledge up to date at all times.
  13. payrate: £41.01 umbrella