Senior Natural Environmental Officer

Job Details

West Northamptonshire Council are resourcing a role for a senior natural environmental officer to support the provision of appropriate specialist advice on natural environment issues, with a technical specialism in ecology.
To support the production and maintenance of an up-to-date suite of policy documents to guide and set high standards for future development in the area, including developing, maintaining and reviewing local plans, neighbourhood plans and other planning policy documents. To support specialist monitoring, research and statistical activities to support the Planning Service.


  • To make a proactive and positive contribution to the effective delivery of the Planning Service, this will include working flexibly and positively to achieve the objectives of the council.
  • To deliver excellent customer service in every interaction for all internal and external customers, including Councillors.
  • To respond in a timely and professional manner to requests for support from members of the public seeking to engage with the Planning Service. This will include providing support to the Customer Contact Centre and the Complaints and Customer Feedback teams where required.
  • To support timely responses to customer, MP and Councillor complaints, feedback, FOI and EIR requests to ensure the Planning Service is consistently meeting corporate service standards.
  • To implement the Council’s place shaping agenda and its objective to be positive and proactive in terms of allowing the ‘right schemes’ in the ‘right place’ at the ‘right time’.
  • To provide appropriate technical advice to the public, developers, agents, Members, other departments of the Council and other persons and bodies as appropriate in connection with development proposals and related matters in writing, by telephone or in person.
  • To provide a high standard of timely natural environment advice to the development management service and other relevant services across the Council and in the Place Directorate.
  • To prepare advice on natural environment matters for the Planning Policy/Planning Committees or other meetings and site visits, as appropriate, including the briefing of the Chairman, ViceChairman and Elected Members.
  • to balance a high standard of nature conservation in development in West Northamptonshire
    with the need to support growth, inward investment, sustainability and energy efficiency.
  • To assist in the preparation and review of the Local Plan including policy making and site-specific advice as required.
  • To prepare and give evidence at hearings, public inquiries and examinations into developmen proposals and Development Plan related matters as required.
  • To input into the Council’s other corporate strategies and plans as necessary.
  • To assist the Head of Service and Planning Policy and Specialist Services Team Leader by preparing consultation responses, for example to Government consultations that are accurate, timely and represent the best interests of the Council.
  • To support in the undertaking of a systematic review of existing policy, local nature recovery strategies and support in the implementation of biodiversity net gain, alongside appropriate public consultation.
  • To support the preparation of funding bids for biodiversity related projects.
  • To contribute to the preparation of development briefs as may be required by the Planning Policy and Specialist Services Team Leader.
  • To support the Assistant Director and Head of Planning Policy and Specialist Services with aspects of process improvement and systems review where needed

– ESSENTIAL – Full Member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management.
– Extensive experience of working in local government providing a high standard of timely ecological advice to the development management service and other relevant services.
– Relevant undergraduate degree and postgraduate qualification.

payrate: £50.00 umbrella