Senior Occupational Therapist

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Hull City Council is looking for a Senior Occupational Therapist who has experience of of complex cases and staff supervision.

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The Adult Social Care vision in Hull is of ‘a life not a service’. Adult Social Care is person centred and focuses on individuals’ strengths to support them to take control of improving their own health, resilience and wellbeing. We want to maximise people’s independence so individuals can achieve their goals and aspirations and live life to the fullest. We work creatively with individuals, local communities and our partners, empowering them to deliver the best possible outcomes for people and to create a positive Adult Social Care culture. Our work is solution focussed, ensuring that those who most need support receive it and that we can continue supporting people in the future.

Occupational Therapy is an integral element of Adult Social Care, ensuring that individuals can maintain their independence and live life to the fullest in their own homes. Occupational Therapy input is available across Adult Social Care, working closely with Social Care colleagues and with health professionals to support individuals to help themselves through realising their own goals and improving their wellbeing.

To provide an Occupational Therapy Service which enables people to maintain or achieve optimum functional ability, resilience and independence. The post holder will allocate cases to OT / OTAs and monitor performance, including the timely and accurate completion of case records. The post holder will monitor and report performance as required. The post-holder will undertake joint assessments and reviews as suitable. To use solution focussed conversations, and agree goals with people as part of a proportionate assessment process.

The post-holder will deliver strengths-based, person-centred and solution focused interventions which respect the person as the expert in their life. They will have conversations enabling people to shape their own lives, identify their own goals and provide interventions to sustain their independence and wellbeing as part of a proportionate assessment process.

To provide information, advice and support to people to:
1. Develop their own skills knowledge and abilities to self-care
2. Develop supportive relationships with families, friends and neighbours
3. Support people to access community groups and voluntary organisations
4. Support people to use universal services as far as possible

To use and assist people to access Connect to Support for information and advice about community groups and voluntary organisations that can help the individual remain independent, and support their own wellbeing. To help people access Connect to Support if they wish to purchase goods and services themselves as someone who pays for some or all of their own care and support.

To provide technical expert information, advice, support and training to staff, sharing knowledge and experience to support progression of Occupational Therapy Assistants and Occupational Therapists. To ensure they can help generate positive and appropriate outcomes for people. To take a senior role in relation to complex cases and to provide oversight and advice to other Occupational Therapists, supporting with team and individual training as suitable. Making sure there is suitable deployment of OT staff across the adult social care system, and that in particular, See and Solve community staff are adequately supported.

To refer into and support people to access the Social Prescribing Service where this is helpful to the individual.

To contribute or lead (as appropriate) case management procedures including case conferences, safeguarding reviews and best interest decision making.

To work collaboratively across adult social care and its partners to achieve this. To provide information, advice, support and training to staff to ensure they can help people to generate positive and appropriate outcomes for people.

Pay rate: £40 per umbrella

Three to six months contract with view to extend or make permanent