Senior Payroll Administrator

Job Details


To provide administrative, technical and supervisory support across a comprehensive range of personnel activities to ensure that personnel/admin processes, information management, pay administration and contractual correspondence with employees are all delivered in accordance with Transactional Service Centre (TSC) standards, objectives and statutory requirements.


1.Direct, supervise, and support a team of staff undertaking specialised administrative and technical processes and procedures and monitor their work in every respect to ensure accuracy of data in order that the objectives and schedules of the Employee Service Centre are constantly met and in accordance with defined procedures in order to ensure efficient and effective service delivery.

2. Undertake complex checking, evaluation, calculations and information processing so that management and control of the payroll runs, reconciliation and other processes that pay employees, ensuring that procedures are followed accurately and that all transactions are accounted for and auditable.

3. Manage and control the pay runs, reconciliation and other processes that pay staff, pensioners, suppliers and clients, ensuring that procedures are followed accurately and that all remuneration is accounted for and auditable.

4. Advise on and apply policies, practices, procedures and statutory regulations as they relate to terms and conditions of employment and pay of staff and pensioners to ensure that these are implemented accurately and consistently throughout the service.

5. Respond to non-routine and complex enquires from a wide range of contacts using discretion and judgement in forming responses so that advice on the area of work dealt with by the Transactional Service Centre is consistently given in accordance with agreed policies and statutory legislation and within defined procedures.

6. Liaise, as appropriate, with other Departments (e.g. Finance, Billing and Debt) to ensure an effective interface on all collaborative processes (e.g. recruitment, contractual, debt recovery costing, legal and pay issues).

7. Carry out research or undertake projects in support of retained services to facilitate developments and initiatives within the service.

8. Contribute to the development and introduction of best practice and new ways of working in administrative practices and procedures as they affect the conduct of business in this role to ensure positive, accurate and timely information delivered in the most effective manner.

9. Contribute to the Service’s development and usage of relevant databases, integrated systems data, by training staff and consulting with managers, to ensure the integrity and consistency of data and to facilitate accurate, prompt and easy extraction, manipulation and presentation of that data.

10. To deputise for TSC Supervisors where appropriate at department, project and directorate meetings;

Pay rate: £17.32 per hour umbrella

Three to six months contract with view to extend or make permanent