Senior YOS Officer

Job Details

Main purpose of job

The purpose of the role is to manage a case load of youth justice cases, support the management,
quality assurance, planning and delivery of interventions by working innovatively with young people
from diverse backgrounds and engaging them and their families and other professionals in order to
assess, develop and deliver focussed interventions and activities that support their personal and social


1. To act as the lead professional for within the Youth Offending Service for cases where there are
multiple and complex needs.
2. To establish and develop collaborative working arrangements with universal, community partners
and key partner agencies such as Early Help, Children and Social Care, Education, Health, Police,
Probation, Youth Custody Services, Courts and voluntary sector organisations.
3. To provide support and challenge for practitioners working with vulnerable children, young people
and families, and where necessary make timely referrals to appropriate services and ensuring that
there are accurate records of work undertaken using ChildView.
4. To promote strength-based practice methods to improve engagement with children and families
that enhance outcomes for children and their families.
5. To support families to make positive change in their lives by using systemic intervention methods,
models, and tools, with the aims of helping them to be as independent as possible and to reduce
risk of harm and increase safety and wellbeing.

Umbrella hourly rate: £32.95