Team Manager

Job Details

  • The role will manage a team of Social Workers (and other staff) within a social care service and a wider Children, Young People and Families Directorate. The key purpose of the role is to ensure high quality social work practice which achieves the best possible outcomes (and progress) for children and young people in need of social work support, assessment and intervention.
  • Team Managers are responsible for the performance and practice of the team.
  • Teams Managers will prioritise the quality of practice balanced alongside a focus on a set of agreed performance measures, based on statutory and inspection requirements.
  • Team Managers will drive key service and directorate wide priorities and ensure that the team is fully informed and engaged within its wider context – a directorate, a council and a wider partnership
  • The Team Manger will lead and drive key aspects of partnership working.  The role will work in partnership with colleagues, parents and carers to ensure that child centred, purposeful systemic practice is the standard for all social work and related practice. Team Managers will routinely seek feedback from children, young people and families through Quality Assurance work, learning from complaints and compliments received.
  • Team Managers will set a tone which listens and values user feedback, whilst ensuring that feedback is shared and escalated when appropriate, in order to influence service design and improvement.
  • transfer of work between other parts of the social care system. Team Managers will have a sound knowledge and oversight of the team caseload at any point, whilst promoting a set of system wide priorities and standards around work flow and a transfer process. Importantly, Team Managers will achieve a balanced focus between the team caseload and a priority to ensure workflow/ transition through the system in a timely way.


  • Team Managers will make and record their decisions around case work, ensuring that all work is well planned and purposeful in order to effect positive change for children. Where possible, the goal will be to support children safely with the minimum of statutory intervention possible, promoting a principle of ‘normality’, family based care and early help community based services which are local and accessible.
  • Team Managers will prioritise decision making which is predicated on a high degree of systemic and reflective thinking.
  • PAYRATE: £40.00 umbrella