Temporary Accommodation Officer

Job Details

royal borough of kingston are looking for an Temporary Accommodation Officer to ensure the effective and efficient management of all Temporary Accommodation accommodation in accordance with relevant legislation, policies and procedures. To ensure all repairing obligations and health & housing safety rating standards are met within Temporary Accommodation provided within the Council’s own Hostel accommodation and homes leased in the private sector including that managed by external providers.


To deliver a high quality temporary accommodation management service to
homeless households and other occupants of temporary accommodation including
the Council Hostels, Private Leasing Scheme and other supported accommodation
including homes spot purchased with providers used to accommodate homeless
households, social service clients and individuals with experience of rough sleeping.
2. To undertake property viewings and sign-ups and to support residents to retain their
homes by actively assisting in application for housing benefit on commencement of
3. To ensure rent account set-up and closure applicable to a letting providing
information to residents on mechanisms for rent payment.
4. To advise the Housing Access and Housing Solutions team of nominees acceptance
of accommodation or in refusal to help secure reasons for this at viewing to provide
the Housing Access team.
2 March 2023
5. To ensure periodic compliance certification, health and housing safety rating checks
through a programme of periodic and responsive property visits and provide person
centred fire risk assessments to ensure safety of occupants.
6. To undertake property inspections at pre-void, void, re-let and within a planned
programme of visits to identify repair and property improvement needs providing
report on property conditions and using photo-book or other tools to identify and
monitor repair and improvement needs to completion.
7. To raise repair requests with accommodation providers and contractors and to
monitor their completion to ensure the Local Authority meets its obligations to
residents and that providers meet the contractual terms of their lease or other
8. To ensure any absence of repair or improvement needed, breach of compliance
certification or property hazard identified within the health and housing safety rating
system is recorded and escalated to providers of accommodation and team leader
and in absence of action within reasonable timescales referred to the Market Supply
team billings officer.


Payrate: £20.73 umbrella