Tenant and Homeowner Involvement Team Leader

Job Details

Southwark council are looking for an Tenant and Homeowner Involvement Team Leader to provide operational management support for resident-led oversight and scrutiny boards and ensure we offer a wide range of involvement opportunities for residents to hold the council accountable for the design and delivery of landlord services and lead the delivery and implementation of Southwark’s Housing resident involvement strategy and operational plans to ensure we are close to the homes, blocks and estates we manage and deliver a resident involvement service that is proactive, people centred and responsive to local needs.


  1. You will lead the team and provide operational support for accessible and flexible resident involvement opportunities for all tenants and homeowners to ensure the views of residents are weaved into the design and delivery of landlord services including servicing all resident involvement structures, oversight and scrutiny boards.
  2. Implement, maintain and service appropriate resident involvement and empowerment structures to enable residents to hold the council as a landlord accountable for delivering excellent landlord services and devise clear operational plans to drive the achievement of the resident involvement strategy.
  3. You will additionally lead and contribute to consultation and community outreach events which can develop resident empowerment and capacity building and provide new opportunities for joint working.
  4. Establish and maintain a clear plan, co-ordinate and motivate the team to deliver a complex range of community engagement activities and projects with a diverse range of residents to galvanise grass root support for the growth and development of tenants and residents associations.
  5. Contribute to designing, implementing and embedding performance and quality standards to drive continuous improvement in all aspects of the service and across all internal and external measures including the regulatory framework for the regulator of social housing.
  6. Develop operating plans to deliver a thriving neighbourhood and a people powered approach in resident involvement and narrowing the indices of social and economic deprivation.

Payrate:£25.97 umbella