Trading Standards Officer

Job Details

Bromley council are looking for an trading standards officer to Investigate complaints alleging breaches of legislation, following all reasonable lines of enquiry in bringing investigations to an appropriate, relevant conclusion.


  1. Compile reports of breaches in accordance with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act and prepare case for Court and give evidence in Magistrates, County or Crown Court as necessary by liaising with solicitors or barristers.#Prepare and participate in outreach activities relating to advice, education, information, and training to stakeholders.
  2. Carry out inspections of retail trade outlets, advise in respect of appropriate legislation and deal with infringements of the law as necessary.
  3. Maintain an up to date, appropriate working knowledge of legislation assigned to the service.
  4. Provide appropriate advice to consumers, businesses, partners and attend relevant meetings as the Divisional representative when required.
  5. Develop specialist skills in areas of agreed topics.
  6. Provide support to other officers where required.
  7. Work within established departmental procedures
  8. Undertake any other duties commensurate with the level of the post, as required to ensure the efficient and effective running of the Department / Section

payrate: £ 28.00 umbrella

3days in office!