Triage Officer

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About the job

The post holder will have lead responsibility for promoting the Communities For Work Plus programme in Conwy.  They will act as the first point of contact make recommendations as to whether participants meet the eligibility criteria for inclusion on the project.  If a potential participant does not meet the eligibility criteria the post holder will refer the participant onto other eligible projects.

The post holder will also support a team of Mentors and Advisors with a range of duties including facilitating weekly triage meetings, record keeping and claim support documentation as required. This will be a key networking role and the post holder will be required to work closely with other employability partners and projects across the county.


To be the lead officer from within the CFW+ team with responsibility for promoting the project and its objectives and engaging with people with complex needs across Conwy couny and other agencies operating locally.
To be the initial point of contact for all self-referrals and agency referrals to the CFW+ delivery team. This will include within the CFW+ office and also at other access points across the county.
To be responsible for undertaking an initial participant assessment and based upon this assessment allocate or refer participants to appropriate eligible services or projects.

To support the local CfW+ delivery team in the development, implementation and ongoing operation of CfW across the county..
To ensure that all administrative processes relating to monitoring, updating of participant records, performance management information, reports and other monitoring requirements comply with all Welsh Government monitoring. To ensure that all submissions meet deadlines and are accurate.

Umbrella hourly rate –