Waste Procurement Delivery Manager

Job Details

West Northamptonshire Council are looking for an Waste Procurement Delivery Manager to develop and deliver a programme for the successful procurement of key waste contracts, with the objective of ensuring seamless service delivery, compliance with statutory duties and value for money.

  • To lead and manage the delivery of the programme, working with staff across West Northamptonshire Council, and external consultants (as appropriate) to ensure that projects are delivered successfully on time and on budget through good project management discipline, strong governance and proactive management of risks and issues.
  • To work in partnership with senior managers, leaders and members to inform, challenge & influence enabling the delivery of the waste procurement programme.
  • To procure as necessary and manage any commissions with consultants required to deliver the waste procurement programme and award of contract. Ensure that any commissions achieve value for money.
  • Ensure the programme is delivered through the effective use of resources, including (as appropriate) the project budget by forecasting and controlling the expenditure incurred related to the delivery of the programme.
  • Ensure that the programme is well communicated through management information and governance to internal team members, partners and other internal and external stakeholders to encourage positive engagement.
  •  To lead and manage the mobilisation of the contracts to deliver services effective from 1 April 2025.
  • To maximise personal productivity, minimise duplication and errors and manage our information efficiently and securely to reduce risk and provide auditable records though effective use of Office 365 and our internal IT systems and applications.
  • Actively challenge and seek to eliminate any directly or indirectly discriminatory practice or behaviours.
  • Demonstrate awareness and understanding of other people’s behavioural, physical, social and welfare needs and ensure that reasonable care is taken at all times for the health, safety and welfare of yourself and other persons.

Payrate: £700 umbrella