Web Digital Producer

Job Details


The purpose of the role is to work on the end-to-end journey of a service to help users complete their goal through the creation of, or change to, a webpage, website, transaction or software application to make sure content is shown to a user in the right place and in the best format.


• To establish, clarify and document the required user experience, users’ characteristics and tasks, and identify the best format to provide information about Council services and online transactions.

• Take the leading role in the iterative design/development of user tasks, interaction and interfaces to meet user requirements, considering the whole user experience, refining the design solutions in response to user-centred evaluation.

• To review and challenge business processes and recommend changes that maximise use of digital initiatives.

• Support the RBKC Website Improvement Project team by deleting, condensing, curating, publishing and maintaining website content, ensuring it meets the Local Government Digital Service Standard (LGDSS), the Government Design Principles and Web Content Accessibility Standards.

Pay rate: £33.04 per hour

Three to six months contract with view to extend or make permanent