Recruitment Consultant

Job Purpose
The Recruitment Consultants role directly impacts the sales performance and profitability of the
business unit. It is a target driven sales role focusing on filling new roles that are supplied to the
company on a daily basis. You will be responsible for sourcing and then contacting quality
candidates to qualify their suitability for the roles. This will entail you building up a pipeline of
candidates who you have submitted to the roles and regularly checking the status. In addition you
will be expected to hit targets and KPIs to ensure that your actions fully support the business
operational requirements in line with the company brand and vision, policies, code of conduct and
organizational culture.

Job Responsibilities & Performance Standards
You will be responsible for a vendor which services various councils and will be required to find suitable
candidates for numerous live job roles.

Select jobs that have a start date of no more than 2 weeks from the date you select them, which equate
to £1,200 per week of submissions to:
– Week 1 of Month from the 1st, job role should start no later than the 15th… Etc. ;
– Week 2 of Month
– Week 3 of Month
– Week 4 of Month
– Week 5 of Month

You need to be strategic & analytical in your work to create a prioritised manageable pipeline.
Select a minimum of 5 jobs at the end of each day:
– 2 roles above £50
– 2 roles ranging £40-50
– 1 role below £40
– £240 worth of total submission

Check your understanding of the jobs by using the following methods:
– Check online for a job description
– Check the Master Vendors for similar jobs
– Ask other members of the team
– Check the existing knowledge base
– Google the role
– Call a candidate & get them to explain the role to you
-Identify keywords to assist with the CV search

Highlight key role in JD and prepare at least 5 competency based questions that will test the candidates
skill set in relation to the role.

Conduct keyword searches in the following order:
– Zoho
– Email Inbox
– Job Boards
– Linkiedin
•Call candidates and sell the job and ask competency based questions
•In the job selling process also sell the correct payment scheme
•Be prepared for objection handling to win the candidate over.
•If the candidate is suitable complete a “ Candidate Screening Sheet”
•Amend CVs where appropriate so it falls in line with the job.
•Complete a cover sheet showing skills, company and experience.
•Upload all CVs you contact into the Zoho database
•Submit candidate CV’s to the Vendor/s allocated to you daily at a minimum 2 candidates per role
•You should work on each job for about an hour
•Advertise the jobs on the online job boards
•Every morning check your email inbox for any replies you may have had to your adverts
•Update pipeline report; daily, weekly, monthly
•Chase the Master Vendors for decisions on the submitted candidates
•Competently prepare those candidates that have been granted interviews
•If the candidate is offered a job, complete the starters form, request and collect references, and email to
•Liaise with Admin each month & request a “Potential Leavers” report & make contact & plan replacement
in pipeline.
•Every week check the details of your workers on the payment schedule to make sure they are correct and
complete the ‘income report’.
•Every morning prepare for flash meeting
– Top 5 submissions to interview (candidate names)
– Top 5 Interviews to placement
•Provide Management with fortnightly performance reports 24 hours prior to a one to one review
•Call master vendors to get feedback on our general performance every quarter (customer satisfaction
•Meet account managers and foster good working relationships every quarter.


•Sales and Negotiation skills
•Commercially aware: Able to understand monetary value of your job and its process
•Process orientated
•Focused and ability to concentrate for long period of time
•Reporting Skills; (Flash, Pipeline, Income Report, other)
•Excellent telephone skills and strong command of English.
•Be extremely organized
•PC Skills including MS Word & Excel
•Confident & outgoing

•Desire to succeed
• Ability to sell benefits
• Ability to overcome customer objections
• Be a proactive, self motivated individual
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• Team Player. Interact & blend well with other colleagues
• Ability to work well under pressure
• Target Orientated
• Attention to detail
•Adherence to company policies, code of conduct and company culture
• Effective time management.
• Excellent organizational skills
• Be able to act on own initiative

• Have a bright, confident, personality and be positive

Minimum Qualifications/Education/Experience/Training/Knowledge
Qualifications and Education: A-levels
Experience (Years & Type): Minimum 1 year, preferably in recruitment, sales, HR, or
business administration
Training: Ideally recruitment and sales
Knowledge: Ideally recruitment and sales

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
•5 Jobs per day
• 2 Submissions per job
• Total value of jobs chosen £240
• 6 Interviews per week
• 3 Placements per week
• Value of income per week £125
• Number of rejected submissions: 15 maximum per week
• Number of rejected interviews: 2 maximum per week
• Meet report deadlines (daily, weekly, monthly);
– Pipeline
– Income Report
– Flash meeting required data
• Chase up top 5 job submissions weekly

Operating Environment
All work will take place in the local London office. However there maybe occasional meetings with
clients that will help to foster better working relationships.

Key Competencies
Critical competencies and behaviors that should be demonstrated to achieve fully satisfactory