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Many people avoid applying for job roles if they don’t meet all the standards. 80% of employers would consider hiring candidates even if they don’t have the full skillset. Employers are keen to get their hands on people with potential. Employers will also look out for attitude and positive character traits.

This is good news for candidates who show a willingness to learn. Here is some tips to portray your high drive for success to land the job:

Creating a high quality CV

The best way to start your CV would be to highlight your curiosity and appetite for learning. Demonstrating to be someone who is self-motivated and goes above and beyond is something that employers admire. Tailoring your CV to what’s relevant to the job role will appeal to the employers.

Reach out to job recruiters

Building a rapport with your recruiter in person will enable them to better understand your personality and convince them that recommending you for a job position that is technically outside of your area of expertise will be advantageous for both you and the potential employer.

Do your research before the interview

Preparing for your interview is crucial. You should be ready to talk about gaps in your understanding and how you plan to fill them in. Researching what you need to fit the needs of the job role will be helpful to bring to the interview. Candidates that show they’re actively looking into developing their skills will have a positive impact

Be responsible for learning at the interview stage

It will help you to stand out if candidates show a positive attitude and willingness to learn during your interview. Although it’s up to the employers to provide learning resources, it’s your responsibility to learn and develop.

Be open and honest

In order for their company to create a comprehensive training plan for them, a candidate who is willing to learn must be honest about what they already know and what they don’t. This can be a tremendously productive working partnership once everyone is in agreement.

How we can help

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